In House Clinical Record

We developed our own in house Clinical Record hosted in the cloud using Open Source.

Optical Fiber Backbone

We are using Fiber Optic from floor to floor connection in our building.

1Gbps Internet w/ Redundancy

We know being fast is a necessity, our Internet is fast too. We run off a 1Gbps download/1Gbps upload fiber line with 99.99% uptime, and for the rare case, we also have backup Wireless internet with 50Mbps.

VoIP Telephone

We can work from anywhere with our PBX cloud-hosted VoIP telephones; said software also works with an app in our mobile phones!

We have our own IT Deparment

Different Wireless connections

We have different wireless connections for our Sponsors, Staff and Guests, offering more security.

Physical & Virtual Security

We have physical security with Network Security Cameras, KeyPads. Also Virtual security, we scan all traffic coming in and out of FDI Clinical Research.

Emergency Power Generator

Currently we have our own emergency power generator of 250K Watts witch can power our Building for 4 Days without refueling.